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Pick the NEMT business
« on: March 12, 2016, 05:13:19 PM »
Hi, A family member of mine did this for a while and is retiring this year. I would like to offer to pick the business up off of her hands and continue running it however I am a little concerned I am going to lose a lot of their clients for multiple reasons.

1.) When they ran the business they were mainly doing it for the tax write off so they were charging very little. If I pick It up I am going to have to change the rates and bump them up because my expenses are going to be very high as far as insurance and also the fact I am going to have to buy a new van to do this.

2.) I am 19 years old (Which is why my insurance will be so high trying to do this) . I do not think people are going to be comfortable with me driving them. Not to mention having all the other cost that go with starting up a business and the fact I have little to no capitol to start this company with.

I would really appreciate some advice or some ideas.